I was doing my internship and was having issues with menstruation. I was going through a hectic schedule were I was not getting sufficient time to have food. My HB was low and I was very weak. That’s when my friend referred me Vea Choc. Without much hope I started consuming the chocolates and in few days my HB count increased and I feel really better and strong now.

Testimonial by Dr. Uzma

I just wanted to give you an early feedback that my wife is already experiencing some improvements in just 5 – 6 days. She used to get cramps on her leg that have reduced significantly + the frequent headaches have subsided.

I sincerely thank you for adding happiness to her life. Will be grateful forever.

Testimonial by Atul

While I was pregnant, my HB level was low and I was worried about complications. That’s when I tried Vea Choc, and my HB level increased. I had a normal delivery and both of us are in good health. Thank you for the Vea Choc, it helped me a lot.

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Testimonial by Nirmala

I strongly felt it when recently I happened to experience fatigue and breathing difficulty frequently..
I happened to narrate this to one of my close family friend and associate who in turn suggested me to get my Hb done and to my shock my Hb was hardly 8 .I reported this to him and he suggested me Vea choc and infact he presented me a box of chocolates šŸ˜Š too.
Thankfully after consuming them for one week I got my Hb repeated and I am way back normal to my 12.5 ..
Amazing but true and I go along with the ancient saying “chocolate is ofcourse a Food of God’s”!

Testimonial by Dr Ruhila Parveen

“I loved the taste of Vea Choc. I felt like having often. I’m a person whose hb count never raised above 8 despite having even imported tonics. But now, Vea Choc made me feel healthier and it’s been after a decade, I see my hands pink in color.”

Testimonial by Mrs Katheeja

“During my pregnancy my hb was very low even though i was regularly taking iron supplements not even a single point was increasedā€¦ Its was during my 8th month vea choc was introduce to me n to my surprise in a span on 10day my hb level went to 10.5. Earlier it was 9. The taste part is the one i love the most. Eat chocolate with so much health benefit. i would recommend this to everyone.
All the best to ur team”

Testimonial by Zeenath Shaheer.