Rakthapushti (White) – Cocoa free


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1. Blood Cell formation and form them stronger and thicker.
2. Ease Menstrual Cramps.
3. Iron absorbent present.
4. Need for Pregnant, Lactating mothers and people with blood loss.
5. One – two chocolate per day meet a major part of RDI
6. Free from Cocoa – No Cocoa Added.


Nutrition Facts             For 100Gms

Iron                                  15.13mg
Folic Acid                          0.113mg
Protein                              3.19gm
Crude Fibre                       3.15gm
Carbohydrates                  63.44gm
Fats                                  18.24gm
Energy                              430.68KCal

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Vea Choc – Sweet


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